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An intensive, 6 week inner healing course for members of CTFB.

This is an essential six week course of ministry for anyone who wants to unlock their heart, mind and body from the results of the past - our own sin and the sin done to us.

Learn how to jettison the baggage of your past so you’re free to experience the love of God in a greater way; and love others more.

Catch The Fire Bournemouth
Wednesdays 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Upcoming Dates:
18 July 2018

Destiny Life Church
25a Elliott Road
BH11 8LQ

Note: You need to attend all 6 sessions.

We’re running this exciting new course with the idea that everyone in the church comes together to do it. So while this course is on, instead of meeting in Fire Groups in homes you’re invited to come to Unlocked together instead. Nothing builds community like crying, laughing, snotting and getting delivered together!

Register your place today: louis.meseg@catchthefire.com

1) Payback Doesn’t Pay (Forgiveness) + Ministry Time

2) Get Out Clause (Judgments) + Ministry Time

3) Change Your Mind (Ungodly Beliefs) + Ministry Time

4) Unlocked (Hearts of Stone & inner vows) + Ministry Time

5) Old Familiars (Generational Iniquities & Walking in the Light) + Ministry Time

6) D Day (Deliverance) + Ministry Time